Medals Description Recipients

Contest Awards

Contest Winner
Win a contest and get this medal. As simple as that. -aVeNgErS|eNuF-, Cruizer, D-Ace, PornChimp

Staff Awards

Staff Of The Month
Staff who has overperformed in a month gets this award. -aVeNgErS|eNuF-

Server Patrol Awards

Server Patrol Of The Month
Given to the Server Patrol for brilliantly manging the server during a month. Medal Not Issued

Member Awards

Member Of The Month
If a member makes a valued contribution to the forum during a month, he/she gets this award Medal Not Issued

Special Awards

Valued Contributor
Members providing continuous support to the forum and quality content gets this award. Skully
Forum Donator
Financial Donation to the forum gets you this very special award. Medal Not Issued
Posting Freak
Keep posting like a freak and you will receive this award soon. Medal Not Issued
If we find you more often in the servers playing Counter Strike, you are entitled to get this one. Medal Not Issued
Graphics Guru
Awarded to someone who has impressed us with his graphics work. Medal Not Issued
Tourney Winner
Members winning any tournament held by us gets this award. Medal Not Issued
If you keep an eye in the illegal activites in the forum and report to us, you might get this award. Medal Not Issued
Youtube Promoter
Make a video (min 70 secs.) on the forum and upload it in Youtube, and you will get this award. Goku