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RPG is a very complex game types. I know that complex RPG, but so complex RPG, until recently. In addition to mechanisms of complex, Cheap TESO Gold multiple system and described the plot, I've noticed that RPG types so complex there, the game's main experience I began to see that,<a href="">Buy ESO Gold With fast delivery! 100% Safety!</a> in my preproduction period of time that I was involved in the project. Lots of feedback or recommendations have the potential to mislead us, because this misconception: regardless of what attracts our attention is the "RPG elements". Is that many games as "RPG", it was easy to overlook such a fact – some games offer players the experience is completely different. This is the most difficult part: retrieve a variety of gaming experience, ask

Yourself "can let players play up to 30 hours or more? ", Then to of for core; and not simple to will all you can thought of RPG features put into a paragraph game in so, I think very has necessary according to game of Asia type experience, further subdivision RPG type, then again decided you of target is which a Asia type this helps game of produced and positioning target by all; makes you more concern important of even necessary of features, and excluded has nothing to do of even may damage game of features because" RPG "this terminology was abuse, for most, Any RPG that belong to the same category. "RPG" is RPG, I cite a stupid analogy, assuming that the RPG is a cake, you can actually say that as long as the RPG, that cake, but different cake flavors, such as chocolate cake and lemon cake were in very different ways. That is why it is necessary to clarify what kind of game you're doing RPG--, baking, which determines what kind of stuff you have to use, what kind of stuff you can't use action RPG is one of the most common subtype, such as under the concerned conducted the Demon Hunter, the mass effect and Dragon age. In this type of game, is the plot of the game to attract players; players enjoy the plot, the characters and the background.

Even players themselves of role also must according to plot development and growth (plot even than mechanism has more big of drive force) this meant with developer of most energy time should put in plot Shang, especially so-called of plot "mainline", that players of main task, and fighting or players concern of and wants reached of things (regardless of you put it called for what) in plot RPG in the, immersed sense is vital of; regardless of is what things, from fighting to exploration, and points design and art style, There should be a core around which: stereo full immersion role images should; you should make players feel like game characters have noteworthy experiences and stories, is unique--even if it's just because of the way they talked a bit odd or all locations has a large scar on his face should have a background story in level design, paying particular attention to this point. Why this place had that Monster? Why this place is going to be like this? Why do layout? You want to give yourself a lot of problems. Even if you don't need to be told in the game the player answers, imagine the answer also helps to create a sense of immersion, and even props to promote immersion--why this guy fell off the sword? Where the sword was coming from?
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