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The foundation of "Gamers Connect" was built on the sturdy ambitions of three talented individuals. Dreams turned into ambition and ambition into reality with the birth of "Gamers Connect". The website GamersConnect.net was the stepping stone or rather a launchpad for the newly founded gaming syndicate. As our popularity grew, the need for a Counter Strike game server became a necessity and hence a game server was procured for Counter Strike 1.6. The server has ever since received a steadfast player base from both the steam and non-steam areas.


The three pioneering minds behind "Gamers Connect" were none other than Anupam(Raptor), Arnab(Zimzy) and Saradhi(Goku); whose immense hard work and dedication resulted in the birth of the "Gamers Connect" family. Later, it was joined by a fourth but a very efficient and able member by the name Preet(PornChimp) and it was only then that the new management came into existence.


"Gamers Connect" boasts of a good fan following in the form of regulars and well-wishers all over the country primarily among the internet Counter Strike players. Our aspirations go way beyond the limits of the sky and ambition always runs high as does our morale here at "Gamers Connect". We always hope the very best for nation's gamers and hence our servers and the forum are open to all the Indian Counter Strike gamers.


We have our very own "Gamers Connect" forum. Our forum deals with a wide variety of topics related to Counter Strike and beyond. All queries regarding the same are actively addressed by our forum staff. We have almost all the resources like maps. mods, plugins, etc. that might be required my Counter Strike players for spicing up their gameplay or if necessary, setting up their own servers. Assistance in setting up private servers and modifying the technical stuff is provided by a very special and dedicated team of the forum.


We own a 32 slot public server for Counter Strike 1.6 which is open to all Indian players residing within our borders. The server at present runs in non-steam and has a good number of admins to maintain decorum in the server. We plan on expanding our game servers in the future so that every Counter Strike lover gets a chance to play in our servers.


Should you want to contact us regarding some query, feel free to drop us a mail in the following email ids :

General Issues : contact@gamersconnect.net

Game Server Issues : servers@gamersconnect.net

Gmail Contact (Forum) : gc.contactus@gmail.com

Raptor (Admin) Official Contact ID : raptor@gamersconnect.net

Zimzy (Manager) Official Contact ID : zimzy@gamersconnect.net

Goku (Manager) Official Contact ID : goku@gamersconnect.net

PornChimp (Manager) Official Contact ID : pornchimp@gamersconnect.net