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Welcome to "Gamers Connect" Gaming Syndicate!

The "Gamers Connect" Gaming Syndicate is a gamers paradise dedicated to the Indian Counter Strike players.It deals with a wide range of topics all pertaining to Counter Strike in all its various versions. The forum in our website contain the latest maps and plugins all useful in Counter Strike public servers. "Gamers Connect" also owns a dedicated public server having 32 slots and manned by experienced admins. Here at "Gamers Connect" all are given a fair and equal chance in all aspects of the game including admin-ship. We strive to maintain a friendly and fair playing environment for all; despite the numerous difficulties involved in running a non-steam server. The "Gamers Connect" syndicate hopes to expand to greater lengths in our quest to achieve the ultimate tag of being the undisputed best in the country. We warmly extend a welcome to all gamers the world over to visit and actively particate in our forum related activities.

"Gamers Connect" is and will always remain a fair, unbiased organization for the Counter Strike players.

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