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"Nothing happens unless first we dream". Known by the nick "Raptor", I am Anupam, a 22 year old IT professional who is the Administrator and Founder of "Gamers Connect". It was me and Zimzy who took the initiative of starting a Counter Strike forum specially for the Indians, alongside with our very own public server. We were later joined by other staff who worked really hard to bring "Gamers Connect" to the point that it is now. I am extremely proud of my staff members, especially the managers.



This is Arnab calling from Kolkata,India. I am an IT professional,23 years old and always been a Counter Strike lover as I have been in love with this game just 3 years ago. Still I spare some of my time in the midst of my work playing this awesome game and it has never bored me. I remember that day when my friend Raptor spelled out the name "GamersConnect" and at that very moment we had the bigger picture gushing into our minds and the rest is history. I have been the witness to all ups and downs of GamersConnect since its birth. I am very proud of being a manager of this great gaming syndicate.



I am B.Pardha Saradhi from Hyderabad and I am doing my B.Tech (3rd year, EEE department) from JBIET (JNTU University). Famously known as "Goku" by all my well wishers and "real bro" by Raptor, I started my life in Counter Strike basically with "Gamers Connect".   I was very attached to this gaming syndicate. It's Raptor who was the first guy who made my existence and placed me in a good standard as I am now in Counter Strike. I am very thankful to him and I spare any work to the extremity for my family of "Gamers Connect".



Born with the name Preet, I'm widely known by the nick PornChimp in the Counter Strike 1.6 gaming arena. I'm a resident of Mumbai and am currently a student of Electronics and Telecommunications under the Mumbai University. My feling about Counter strike may be decribed as "Counter Strike is an exhilarating Game which never fails to give me a shooting adrenaline rush and acts as a good stress buster after a hard day".



Hi, this is Sreyan, or better known as -aVeNgErS|eNuF-. I am a 23 year old IT professional and a ex-prof guitarist from Darjeeling (now at Kolkata). You see, 'the difficult doesn't exist and the impossible takes just a li'l more time' and so has it been with GamersConnect. Its not been long, I started experimenting with Counter Strike and as a matter of fact, it didn't even take me an entire day to get addicted to this game! I hope I'll do well with time, but foremost of all its been a real pleasure and honour to be a part of GamersConnect.net.




I am Ashish Mehta,a Counter Strike player and my nick is "@LQ@3D@!!!". I have an experience of 1 yr in Counter Strike and I happen to be one of the server admins of the Gamers Connect server. I am glad to be a part of the "Gamers Connect" family.



I am Rishabh, a 15 year old guy, studying in 10th standard. I live in Chattisgarh and I love Counter Strike. I enjoy moderating the server as well and love being a server admin at "Gamers Connect".